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# This section defines defaults for all languages. Currently we derive ANTLR style from LLVM.
BasedOnStyle: LLVM
# Only use clang-format for C++ for now.
DisableFormat: true
# This section configures C++ formatting.
Language: Cpp
DisableFormat: false
Standard: c++17
# Prevent clang-format from attempting to pick the alignment and always use right alignment.
DerivePointerAlignment: false
# ANTLR existing style is to right align pointers and references.
PointerAlignment: Right
ReferenceAlignment: Right
# Some of ANTLR existing code is longer than the default 80, so use 100 for now.
ColumnLimit: 100
# Historically ANTLR has used indentation within namespaces, so replicate it.
NamespaceIndentation: Inner