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Appurify Python Client

The official Python client for the Appurify API.


pip install appurify-0.2.9.tar.gz

This will install any missing dependencies and add two executable scripts to your bin folder:

$ -h
$ -h

Running Tests --api-key $API_KEY --api-secret $API_SECRET \
--app-src $APP-SRC --app-test-type $TEST_TYPE --test-src $TEST_SRC --test-type $TEST_TYPE \
--device-type-id $DEVICE_TYPE_IDS --result-dir $RESULT_DIR


  • API-KEY: Used for authentication
  • API-SECRET: Used for authentication
  • APP-SRC: The path or URL to the app binary (.ipa or .apk)
  • TEST_SRC: The path or URL where the test files are located
  • TEST_TYPE: Your test framework name (i.e. calabash, ios_robot, ocunit, uiautomation)
  • DEVICE_TYPE_IDS: A comma separated list of numbers representing the device type IDs you wish to use for your test
  • RESULT_DIR: The directory on your local machine where you want your results to be written.

Jenkins Integration

In Jenkins create a new Execute Shell build step and upload your app using the Python wrapper as pictured below.

Jenkins Integration


Found a bug or want to add a much needed feature? Go for it and just send us the Pull Request!

Release Notes


  • Handle case where test results may not immediately be ready for download after a test completes.


  • Added --version flag to print version and exit


  • Users will receive a warning when attempting to upload a web test without specifying the url parameter.
  • Support for both --timeout parameter to specify the desired timeout at runtime, or using the os environment variable APPURIFY_API_TIMEOUT. Specify desired timeout in seconds.


  • Added ios_sencharobot test type


  • network_headers test type no longer requires app source
  • Fixed an issue where test results were not properly downloaded despite setting the result-dir parameter.
  • Test source is now optional for kif test type
  • Improved test status information when polling a running test
  • Configuration values are now printed when running a test
  • Fixed a bug where ``name``` parameter was not respected for web apps