Add class="line-num" to the deleted test fixture lines

Fix the test suite by adding the class="line-num" attribute to the final
<td> element in the testDiff expected output for each deleted line.
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difflib is a simple library written in Go for diffing two sequences of text.


To install, issue:

go get


To start using difflib, create a new file in your workspace and import difflib:

import (

Then call either difflib.Diff or difflib.HTMLDiff:

fmt.Println(difflib.HTMLDiff([]string{"one", "two", "three"}, []string{"two", "four", "three"}))

If you'd like more control over the output, see how the function HTMLDiff relies on Diff in difflib.go.

Running the Demo

There is a demo application in the difflib_demo directory. To run it, navigate to your $GOPATH and run:

go run src/ <file-1> <file-2>

Where <file-1> and <file-2> are two text files you'd like to diff. The demo will launch a web server that will contain a table of the diff results.