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  1. a43aed7 Don't sort nil arguments of function calls (#1068) by Vladimir Moskva · 5 weeks ago master
  2. 817e688 Do not emit an integer division warning when one of the operands is a float. (#1065) by Tiago Quelhas · 6 weeks ago
  3. df8cabe Prevent FormatString from crashing on nil input (#1064) by Vladimir Moskva · 8 weeks ago
  4. 1268217 Address a golint warning by Vladimir Moskva · 9 weeks ago
  5. 65895a3 Add ReadFile variable in buildtools/file API. (#1062) by mohdanishaikh · 9 weeks ago

Buildtools for bazel

This repository contains developer tools for working with Google's bazel buildtool.

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See instructions in each tool's directory.