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package doublestar
// glob is an internal type to store options during globbing.
type glob struct {
failOnIOErrors bool
// GlobOption represents a setting that can be passed to Glob, GlobWalk, and
// FilepathGlob.
type GlobOption func(*glob)
// Construct a new glob object with the given options
func newGlob(opts ...GlobOption) *glob {
g := &glob{}
for _, opt := range opts {
return g
// WithFailOnIOErrors is an option that can be passed to Glob, GlobWalk, or
// FilepathGlob. If passed, it enables aborting and returning the error when an
// IO error is encountered.
func WithFailOnIOErrors() GlobOption {
return func(g *glob) {
g.failOnIOErrors = true
// forwardErrIfFailOnIOErrors is used to wrap the return values of I/O
// functions. When failOnIOErrors is enabled, it will return err; otherwise, it
// always returns nil.
func (g *glob) forwardErrIfFailOnIOErrors(err error) error {
if g.failOnIOErrors {
return err
return nil
func (g *glob) GoString() string {
if g.failOnIOErrors {
return "opts: WithFailOnIOErrors"
return "opts: nil"