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# This file is like Go's CONTRIBUTORS file: it lists humans.
# The list of copyright holders (which may be companies) are in the AUTHORS file.
# To contribute to this project, because it will eventually be folded
# back in to Go itself, you need to submit a CLA:
# Then you get added to CONTRIBUTORS and you or your company get added
# to the AUTHORS file.
Blake Mizerany <> github=bmizerany
Brad Fitzpatrick <> github=bradfitz
Daniel Morsing <> github=DanielMorsing
Gabriel Aszalos <> github=gbbr
Keith Rarick <> github=kr
Matthew Keenan <> <> github=mattkeenan
Matt Layher <> github=mdlayher
Perry Abbott <> github=pabbott0
Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa <> github=tatsuhiro-t