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// Copyright 2014 The Go Authors.
// See
// Licensed under the same terms as Go itself:
package http2
import "fmt"
// An ErrCode is an unsigned 32-bit error code as defined in the HTTP/2 spec.
type ErrCode uint32
const (
ErrCodeNo ErrCode = 0x0
ErrCodeProtocol ErrCode = 0x1
ErrCodeInternal ErrCode = 0x2
ErrCodeFlowControl ErrCode = 0x3
ErrCodeSettingsTimeout ErrCode = 0x4
ErrCodeStreamClosed ErrCode = 0x5
ErrCodeFrameSize ErrCode = 0x6
ErrCodeRefusedStream ErrCode = 0x7
ErrCodeCancel ErrCode = 0x8
ErrCodeCompression ErrCode = 0x9
ErrCodeConnect ErrCode = 0xa
ErrCodeEnhanceYourCalm ErrCode = 0xb
ErrCodeInadequateSecurity ErrCode = 0xc
ErrCodeHTTP11Required ErrCode = 0xd
var errCodeName = map[ErrCode]string{
ErrCodeNo: "NO_ERROR",
ErrCodeProtocol: "PROTOCOL_ERROR",
ErrCodeInternal: "INTERNAL_ERROR",
ErrCodeFlowControl: "FLOW_CONTROL_ERROR",
ErrCodeSettingsTimeout: "SETTINGS_TIMEOUT",
ErrCodeStreamClosed: "STREAM_CLOSED",
ErrCodeFrameSize: "FRAME_SIZE_ERROR",
ErrCodeRefusedStream: "REFUSED_STREAM",
ErrCodeCancel: "CANCEL",
ErrCodeCompression: "COMPRESSION_ERROR",
ErrCodeConnect: "CONNECT_ERROR",
ErrCodeEnhanceYourCalm: "ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM",
ErrCodeInadequateSecurity: "INADEQUATE_SECURITY",
ErrCodeHTTP11Required: "HTTP_1_1_REQUIRED",
func (e ErrCode) String() string {
if s, ok := errCodeName[e]; ok {
return s
return fmt.Sprintf("unknown error code 0x%x", uint32(e))
// ConnectionError is an error that results in the termination of the
// entire connection.
type ConnectionError ErrCode
func (e ConnectionError) Error() string { return fmt.Sprintf("connection error: %s", ErrCode(e)) }
// StreamError is an error that only affects one stream within an
// HTTP/2 connection.
type StreamError struct {
StreamID uint32
Code ErrCode
func (e StreamError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("stream error: stream ID %d; %v", e.StreamID, e.Code)
// 6.9.1 The Flow Control Window
// "If a sender receives a WINDOW_UPDATE that causes a flow control
// window to exceed this maximum it MUST terminate either the stream
// or the connection, as appropriate. For streams, [...]; for the
// connection, a GOAWAY frame with a FLOW_CONTROL_ERROR code."
type goAwayFlowError struct{}
func (goAwayFlowError) Error() string { return "connection exceeded flow control window size" }