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  1. 5a007e3 Update prometheus/prometheus to v0.35.0 (#302) by David Ashpole · 3 weeks ago master
  2. e781cdd Ignore staleness markers (#300) by David Ashpole · 5 weeks ago v0.13.12
  3. 074d8ef avoid expensive clones in splitCreateTimeSeriesRequest (#299) by Kevin Wiesmüller · 7 weeks ago v0.13.11
  4. dfce60d Handle the case where grpc client connections are shared (#298) by David Ashpole · 7 months ago v0.13.10
  5. 706a872 Call CreateServiceTimeSeries for service time series (#294) by Luiz · 7 months ago v0.13.9

OpenCensus Go Stackdriver

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Provides OpenCensus exporter support for Stackdriver Monitoring and Stackdriver Trace.


$ go get -u