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  1. 0fc2674 Parse dropped timeseries from CreateTimeseriesResponse (#276) by James Bebbington · 8 weeks ago master v0.13.4
  2. cde3c10 Update version (#275) by James Bebbington · 9 weeks ago v0.13.3
  3. db101e3 Add option to allow user agent to be explicitly overridden (#274) by James Bebbington · 9 weeks ago
  4. 19b2ae7 Skip adding displa name prefix for metrics with custom domain (#273) by Nail Islamov · 2 months ago
  5. 366afe7 Check .Present before setting label value (#268) by jjzeng-seattle · 4 months ago v0.13.2

OpenCensus Go Stackdriver

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Provides OpenCensus exporter support for Stackdriver Monitoring and Stackdriver Trace.


$ go get -u