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OpenCensus Proto - Language Independent Interface Types For OpenCensus

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Census provides a framework to define and collect stats against metrics and to break those stats down across user-defined dimensions.

The Census framework is natively available in many languages (e.g. C++, Go, and Java). The API interface types are defined using protos to ensure consistency and interoperability for the different implementations.


Install to Go

$ go get -u

In most cases you should depend on the gen-go files directly. If you are building with Bazel, there are also go_proto_library build rules available. See PR/132 for details. However, please note that Bazel doesn't generate the final artifacts.

Add the dependencies to your Java project

For Maven add to pom.xml:


For Gradle add to dependencies:

compile 'io.opencensus:opencensus-proto:0.2.0'

Add the dependencies to Bazel project


    name = "io_opencensus_proto",
    strip_prefix = "src",
    remote = "",


    name = "io_opencensus_proto",
    strip_prefix = "opencensus-proto-master/src",
    urls = [""],

In BUILD.bazel:

    name = "foo_proto",
    srcs = ["foo.proto"],
    deps = [
      # etc.