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  1. 041460b Decrease concurrency demand. by Dan Jacques · 5 months ago master
  2. 590686b Add LockFile to Handle. by Dan Jacques · 5 months ago
  3. 050ea99 Implement shared locking. by Dan Jacques · 10 months ago
  4. 680376e Better comments, Unlock test. by Dan Jacques · 1 year, 1 month ago
  5. a8ffa11 Initial implementation, supports POSIX and Windows by Dan Jacques · 1 year, 1 month ago


Go implementation of filesystem-level locking.

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gofslock offers several features:

  • Exclusive and shared locking senamtics.
  • Consistent intra- and inter-processing locking behavior across major operating systems (notably Linux, Mac, and Windows).
  • Works on all Go versions.
  • Only depends on Go standard library.
  • Locking behavior and interaction is heavily tested.


Request features and report bugs using the GitHub Issue Tracker.


Contributions to this project are welcome, though please file an issue before starting work on anything major.

To get started contributing to this project, clone the repository:

git clone

This repository uses pre-commit-go to validate itself. Please install this prior to working on the project:

  • Make sure your and are configured in git config.
  • Install test-only packages: go get -u -t
  • Install the pcg git hook: go get -u && pcg