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Build Status pub package

Support for working with Package Configuration files as described in the Package Configuration v2 design document.

A Dart package configuration file is used to resolve Dart package names (e.g. foobar) to Dart files containing the source code for that package (e.g. file:///Users/myuser/.pub-cache/hosted/ The standard package configuration file is .dart_tool/package_config.json, and is written by the Dart tool when the command dart pub get is run.

The primary libraries of this package are

  • package_config.dart: Defines the PackageConfig class and other types needed to use package configurations, and provides functions to find, read and write package configuration files.

  • package_config_types.dart: Just the PackageConfig class and other types needed to use package configurations. This library does not depend on dart:io.

The package includes deprecated backwards compatible functionality to work with the .packages file. This functionality will not be maintained, and will be removed in a future version of this package.