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// Copyright (c) 2019, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
import 'dart:io';
import 'dart:typed_data';
import 'package_config_io.dart';
import 'errors.dart';
import 'package_config_impl.dart';
import 'package_config_json.dart';
import 'packages_file.dart' as packages_file;
import 'util_io.dart' show defaultLoader, pathJoin;
final Uri packageConfigJsonPath = Uri(path: '.dart_tool/package_config.json');
final Uri dotPackagesPath = Uri(path: '.packages');
final Uri currentPath = Uri(path: '.');
final Uri parentPath = Uri(path: '..');
/// Discover the package configuration for a Dart script.
/// The [baseDirectory] points to the directory of the Dart script.
/// A package resolution strategy is found by going through the following steps,
/// and stopping when something is found.
/// * Check if a `.dart_tool/package_config.json` file exists in the directory.
/// * Check if a `.packages` file exists in the directory.
/// * Repeat these checks for the parent directories until reaching the
/// root directory if [recursive] is true.
/// If any of these tests succeed, a `PackageConfig` class is returned.
/// Returns `null` if no configuration was found. If a configuration
/// is needed, then the caller can supply [PackageConfig.empty].
Future<PackageConfig?> findPackageConfig(Directory baseDirectory,
bool recursive, void Function(Object error) onError) async {
var directory = baseDirectory;
if (!directory.isAbsolute) directory = directory.absolute;
if (!await directory.exists()) {
return null;
do {
// Check for $cwd/.packages
var packageConfig = await findPackagConfigInDirectory(directory, onError);
if (packageConfig != null) return packageConfig;
if (!recursive) break;
// Check in parent directories.
var parentDirectory = directory.parent;
if (parentDirectory.path == directory.path) break;
directory = parentDirectory;
} while (true);
return null;
/// Similar to [findPackageConfig] but based on a URI.
Future<PackageConfig?> findPackageConfigUri(
Uri location,
Future<Uint8List?> Function(Uri uri)? loader,
void Function(Object error) onError,
bool recursive) async {
if (location.isScheme('package')) {
location, 'location', 'Must not be a package: URI'));
return null;
if (loader == null) {
if (location.isScheme('file')) {
return findPackageConfig(
loader = defaultLoader;
if (!location.path.endsWith('/')) location = location.resolveUri(currentPath);
while (true) {
var file = location.resolveUri(packageConfigJsonPath);
var bytes = await loader(file);
if (bytes != null) {
return parsePackageConfigBytes(bytes, file, onError);
file = location.resolveUri(dotPackagesPath);
bytes = await loader(file);
if (bytes != null) {
return packages_file.parse(bytes, file, onError);
if (!recursive) break;
var parent = location.resolveUri(parentPath);
if (parent == location) break;
location = parent;
return null;
/// Finds a `.packages` or `.dart_tool/package_config.json` file in [directory].
/// Loads the file, if it is there, and returns the resulting [PackageConfig].
/// Returns `null` if the file isn't there.
/// Reports a [FormatException] if a file is there but the content is not valid.
/// If the file exists, but fails to be read, the file system error is reported.
/// If [onError] is supplied, parsing errors are reported using that, and
/// a best-effort attempt is made to return a package configuration.
/// This may be the empty package configuration.
Future<PackageConfig?> findPackagConfigInDirectory(
Directory directory, void Function(Object error) onError) async {
var packageConfigFile = await checkForPackageConfigJsonFile(directory);
if (packageConfigFile != null) {
return await readPackageConfigJsonFile(packageConfigFile, onError);
packageConfigFile = await checkForDotPackagesFile(directory);
if (packageConfigFile != null) {
return await readDotPackagesFile(packageConfigFile, onError);
return null;
Future<File?> checkForPackageConfigJsonFile(Directory directory) async {
var file =
File(pathJoin(directory.path, '.dart_tool', 'package_config.json'));
if (await file.exists()) return file;
return null;
Future<File?> checkForDotPackagesFile(Directory directory) async {
var file = File(pathJoin(directory.path, '.packages'));
if (await file.exists()) return file;
return null;