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// Copyright (c) 2015, the Dart project authors. Please see the AUTHORS file
// for details. All rights reserved. Use of this source code is governed by a
// BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
library package_config.discovery_analysis_test;
import "dart:async";
import "dart:io";
import "package:package_config/discovery_analysis.dart";
import "package:package_config/packages.dart";
import "package:path/path.dart" as path;
import "package:test/test.dart";
main() {
{".packages": packagesFile,
"foo": {".packages": packagesFile},
"bar": {"packages": {"foo": {}, "bar":{}, "baz": {}}},
"baz": {}},
(Directory directory) {
var dirUri = new;
PackageContext ctx = PackageContext.findAll(directory);
PackageContext root = ctx[directory];
expect(root, same(ctx));
validatePackagesFile(root.packages, dirUri);
var fooDir = sub(directory, "foo");
PackageContext foo = ctx[fooDir];
expect(identical(root, foo), isFalse);
validatePackagesFile(foo.packages, dirUri.resolve("foo/"));
var barDir = sub(directory, "bar");
PackageContext bar = ctx[sub(directory, "bar")];
validatePackagesDir(bar.packages, dirUri.resolve("bar/"));
PackageContext barbar = ctx[sub(barDir, "bar")];
expect(barbar, same(bar)); // inherited.
PackageContext baz = ctx[sub(directory, "baz")];
expect(baz, same(root)); // inherited.
var map = ctx.asMap();
expect( => dir.path),
unorderedEquals([directory.path, fooDir.path, barDir.path]));
Directory sub(Directory parent, String dirName) {
return new Directory(path.join(parent.path, dirName));
const packagesFile = """
# A comment
void validatePackagesFile(Packages resolver, Uri location) {
expect(resolver, isNotNull);
expect(resolver.resolve(pkg("foo", "bar/baz")),
expect(resolver.resolve(pkg("bar", "baz/qux")),
expect(resolver.resolve(pkg("baz", "qux/foo")),
expect(resolver.packages, unorderedEquals(["foo", "bar", "baz"]));
void validatePackagesDir(Packages resolver, Uri location) {
// Expect three packages: foo, bar and baz
expect(resolver, isNotNull);
expect(resolver.resolve(pkg("foo", "bar/baz")),
expect(resolver.resolve(pkg("bar", "baz/qux")),
expect(resolver.resolve(pkg("baz", "qux/foo")),
if (location.scheme == "file") {
expect(resolver.packages, unorderedEquals(["foo", "bar", "baz"]));
} else {
expect(() => resolver.packages, throws);
Uri pkg(String packageName, String packagePath) {
var path;
if (packagePath.startsWith('/')) {
path = "$packageName$packagePath";
} else {
path = "$packageName/$packagePath";
return new Uri(scheme: "package", path: path);
/// Create a directory structure from [description] and run [fileTest].
/// Description is a map, each key is a file entry. If the value is a map,
/// it's a sub-dir, otherwise it's a file and the value is the content
/// as a string.
void fileTest(String name,
Map description,
Future fileTest(Directory directory)) {
group("file-test", () {
Directory tempDir = Directory.systemTemp.createTempSync("file-test");
setUp(() {
_createFiles(tempDir, description);
tearDown(() {
tempDir.deleteSync(recursive: true);
test(name, () => fileTest(tempDir));
void _createFiles(Directory target, Map description) {
description.forEach((name, content) {
if (content is Map) {
Directory subDir = new Directory(path.join(target.path, name));
_createFiles(subDir, content);
} else {
File file = new File(path.join(target.path, name));
file.writeAsStringSync(content, flush: true);