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part of protobuf;
/// An `EventPlugin` receives callbacks when the fields of a [GeneratedMessage]
/// change.
/// A [GeneratedMessage] mixin can install a plugin by overriding the
/// [GeneratedMessage.eventPlugin] property. The intent is provide mechanism,
/// not policy; each mixin defines its own public API, perhaps using streams.
/// This is a low-level, synchronous API. Event handlers are called in the
/// middle of protobuf changes. To avoid exposing half-finished changes to user
/// code, plugins should buffer events and send them asynchronously. (See
/// `event_mixin.dart` for an example.)
abstract class EventPlugin {
/// Initializes the plugin.
/// [GeneratedMessage] calls this once in its constructors.
void attach(GeneratedMessage parent);
/// If false, [GeneratedMessage] will skip calls to event handlers.
bool get hasObservers;
/// Called before setting a field.
/// For repeated fields, this will be called when the list is created.
/// (For example in [GeneratedMessage.getField] and merge methods.)
void beforeSetField(FieldInfo fi, Object? newValue);
/// Called before clearing a field.
void beforeClearField(FieldInfo fi);