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// Experimental options controlling Dart code generation.
syntax = "proto2";
package dart_options;
// This file must be modified for Google internal use,
// because custom options only work when the package name
// agrees with the version of protoc we are using.
// (The import statement and "google.protobuf." prefix need to be changed.)
import "descriptor.proto";
// A mixin that can be used in the 'with' clause of the generated Dart class
// for a proto message.
message DartMixin {
// The name of the mixin class.
optional string name = 1;
// A URI pointing to the Dart library that defines the mixin.
// The generated Dart code will use this in an import statement.
optional string import_from = 2;
// The name of another mixin to be applied ahead of this one.
// The generated class for the message will inherit from all mixins
// in the parent chain.
optional string parent = 3;
// Defines additional Dart imports to be used with messages in this file.
message Imports {
// Mixins to be used on messages in this file.
// These mixins are in addition to internally defined mixins (e.g PbMapMixin)
// and may override them.
// Warning: mixins are experimental. The protoc Dart plugin doesn't check
// for name conflicts between mixin class members and generated class members,
// so the generated code may contain errors. Therefore, running dartanalyzer
// on the generated file is a good idea.
repeated DartMixin mixins = 1;
extend google.protobuf.FileOptions {
optional Imports imports = 28125061;
// Applies the named mixin to all messages in this file.
// (May be overridden by the "mixin" option on a message.)
// For now, "PbMapMixin" is the only available mixin.
optional string default_mixin = 96128839;
extend google.protobuf.MessageOptions {
// Applies the named mixin.
// For now, "PbMapMixin" is the only available mixin.
// The empty string can be used to turn off mixins for this message.
optional string mixin = 96128839;
extend google.protobuf.FieldOptions {
// Adds @override annotation to the field's getter (for use with mixins).
optional bool override_getter = 28205290;
// Adds @override annotation to the field's setter (for use with mixins).
optional bool override_setter = 28937366;
// Adds @override annotation to the field's hasX() method (for use with
// mixins).
optional bool override_has_method = 28937461;
// Adds @override annotation to the field's clearX() method (for use with
// mixins).
optional bool override_clear_method = 28907907;
// Uses the given name for getters, setters and as suffixes for has/clear
// methods in the generated Dart file. Should be lowerCamelCase.
optional string dart_name = 28700919;