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NOTICE This package is discontinued. It will not be maintained or upgraded in the future.

This package combines two functionalities:

  • Converting a package: URI to a platform specific URI (usually http: or file:, depending on the platform)
  • Load the contents of such platform specific URIs.

The former no longer makes sense when a large number of Dart programs are ahead-of-time compiled. Those programs do not have access to source files at runtime, and a package: URI references a source file. There is no standard way to find a runtime location of a source file, or even ensure that it is available.

The platform specific loading functionality can still be useful. However, without a way to produce such platform specific URIs from platform independent ones, the only URIs which can still be loaded on all platforms are http:/https: ones. Loading those is better supported by the http package.

As such, this package can no longer supports its original goal, being a cross platform resource loading solution. It will be discontinued rather than provide an inadequate solution.

Reading data from package contents and files.

A resource is data that can be read into a Dart program at runtime. A resource is identified by a URI. It can be loaded as bytes or data. The resource URI may be a package: URI.


import 'package:resource/resource.dart' show Resource;
import 'dart:convert' show utf8;

main() async {
  var resource = new Resource("package:foo/foo_data.txt");
  var string = await resource.readAsString(encoding: utf8);

Learning more

Please check out the API docs.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.