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infra/config branch

This branch contains dart project-wide configurations for infra services. For example, cr-buildbucket.cfg defines builders that run on the dart waterfall and commit queue.

Making changes

It is recommended to have a separate checkout for this branch, so switching to/from this branch does not populate/delete all files in the master branch.

Most files in this branch are generated from main.star. Run ./main.star to regenerate them after changes have been made. Files that are auto-generated must not be modified manually, and they have a file header that states that they are.

Initial setup:

mkdir config
cd config
git init
git remote add origin https://dart.googlesource.com/sdk
git fetch origin infra/config
git reset --hard origin/infra/config
git config depot-tools.upstream origin/infra/config

Now you can create a new branch to make changes:

git new-branch add-new-builder
# edit main.star
./main.star # generate Luci config files
git commit -a

git cl upload