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from .base import DictType
import six
class Healthcheck(DictType):
Defines a healthcheck configuration for a container or service.
test (:py:class:`list` or str): Test to perform to determine
container health. Possible values:
- Empty list: Inherit healthcheck from parent image
- ``["NONE"]``: Disable healthcheck
- ``["CMD", args...]``: exec arguments directly.
- ``["CMD-SHELL", command]``: Run command in the system's
default shell.
If a string is provided, it will be used as a ``CMD-SHELL``
interval (int): The time to wait between checks in nanoseconds. It
should be 0 or at least 1000000 (1 ms).
timeout (int): The time to wait before considering the check to
have hung. It should be 0 or at least 1000000 (1 ms).
retries (int): The number of consecutive failures needed to
consider a container as unhealthy.
start_period (int): Start period for the container to
initialize before starting health-retries countdown in
nanoseconds. It should be 0 or at least 1000000 (1 ms).
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
test = kwargs.get('test', kwargs.get('Test'))
if isinstance(test, six.string_types):
test = ["CMD-SHELL", test]
interval = kwargs.get('interval', kwargs.get('Interval'))
timeout = kwargs.get('timeout', kwargs.get('Timeout'))
retries = kwargs.get('retries', kwargs.get('Retries'))
start_period = kwargs.get('start_period', kwargs.get('StartPeriod'))
super(Healthcheck, self).__init__({
'Test': test,
'Interval': interval,
'Timeout': timeout,
'Retries': retries,
'StartPeriod': start_period
def test(self):
return self['Test']
def test(self, value):
if isinstance(value, six.string_types):
value = ["CMD-SHELL", value]
self['Test'] = value
def interval(self):
return self['Interval']
def interval(self, value):
self['Interval'] = value
def timeout(self):
return self['Timeout']
def timeout(self, value):
self['Timeout'] = value
def retries(self):
return self['Retries']
def retries(self, value):
self['Retries'] = value
def start_period(self):
return self['StartPeriod']
def start_period(self, value):
self['StartPeriod'] = value