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from .. import errors
from ..utils import normalize_links, version_lt
class EndpointConfig(dict):
def __init__(self, version, aliases=None, links=None, ipv4_address=None,
ipv6_address=None, link_local_ips=None, driver_opt=None):
if version_lt(version, '1.22'):
raise errors.InvalidVersion(
'Endpoint config is not supported for API version < 1.22'
if aliases:
self["Aliases"] = aliases
if links:
self["Links"] = normalize_links(links)
ipam_config = {}
if ipv4_address:
ipam_config['IPv4Address'] = ipv4_address
if ipv6_address:
ipam_config['IPv6Address'] = ipv6_address
if link_local_ips is not None:
if version_lt(version, '1.24'):
raise errors.InvalidVersion(
'link_local_ips is not supported for API version < 1.24'
ipam_config['LinkLocalIPs'] = link_local_ips
if ipam_config:
self['IPAMConfig'] = ipam_config
if driver_opt:
if version_lt(version, '1.32'):
raise errors.InvalidVersion(
'DriverOpts is not supported for API version < 1.32'
if not isinstance(driver_opt, dict):
raise TypeError('driver_opt must be a dictionary')
self['DriverOpts'] = driver_opt
class NetworkingConfig(dict):
def __init__(self, endpoints_config=None):
if endpoints_config:
self["EndpointsConfig"] = endpoints_config
class IPAMConfig(dict):
Create an IPAM (IP Address Management) config dictionary to be used with
driver (str): The IPAM driver to use. Defaults to ``default``.
pool_configs (:py:class:`list`): A list of pool configurations
(:py:class:`~docker.types.IPAMPool`). Defaults to empty list.
options (dict): Driver options as a key-value dictionary.
Defaults to `None`.
>>> ipam_config = docker.types.IPAMConfig(driver='default')
>>> network = client.create_network('network1', ipam=ipam_config)
def __init__(self, driver='default', pool_configs=None, options=None):
'Driver': driver,
'Config': pool_configs or []
if options:
if not isinstance(options, dict):
raise TypeError('IPAMConfig options must be a dictionary')
self['Options'] = options
class IPAMPool(dict):
Create an IPAM pool config dictionary to be added to the
``pool_configs`` parameter of
subnet (str): Custom subnet for this IPAM pool using the CIDR
notation. Defaults to ``None``.
iprange (str): Custom IP range for endpoints in this IPAM pool using
the CIDR notation. Defaults to ``None``.
gateway (str): Custom IP address for the pool's gateway.
aux_addresses (dict): A dictionary of ``key -> ip_address``
relationships specifying auxiliary addresses that need to be
allocated by the IPAM driver.
>>> ipam_pool = docker.types.IPAMPool(
'reserved1': ''
>>> ipam_config = docker.types.IPAMConfig(
def __init__(self, subnet=None, iprange=None, gateway=None,
'Subnet': subnet,
'IPRange': iprange,
'Gateway': gateway,
'AuxiliaryAddresses': aux_addresses