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dbus is a simple library that implements native Go client bindings for the
D-Bus message bus system.
### Features
* Complete native implementation of the D-Bus message protocol
* Go-like API (channels for signals / asynchronous method calls, Goroutine-safe connections)
* Subpackages that help with the introspection / property interfaces
### Installation
This packages requires Go 1.1. If you installed it and set up your GOPATH, just run:
go get
If you want to use the subpackages, you can install them the same way.
### Usage
The complete package documentation and some simple examples are available at
[]( Also, the
[_examples]( directory
gives a short overview over the basic usage.
#### Projects using godbus
- [notify]( provides desktop notifications over dbus into a library.
Please note that the API is considered unstable for now and may change without
further notice.
### License
go.dbus is available under the Simplified BSD License; see LICENSE for the full
Nearly all of the credit for this library goes to