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package dbus
import (
// Call represents a pending or completed method call.
type Call struct {
Destination string
Path ObjectPath
Method string
Args []interface{}
// Strobes when the call is complete.
Done chan *Call
// After completion, the error status. If this is non-nil, it may be an
// error message from the peer (with Error as its type) or some other error.
Err error
// Holds the response once the call is done.
Body []interface{}
var errSignature = errors.New("dbus: mismatched signature")
// Store stores the body of the reply into the provided pointers. It returns
// an error if the signatures of the body and retvalues don't match, or if
// the error status is not nil.
func (c *Call) Store(retvalues ...interface{}) error {
if c.Err != nil {
return c.Err
return Store(c.Body, retvalues...)