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Package dbus implements bindings to the D-Bus message bus system.
To use the message bus API, you first need to connect to a bus (usually the
session or system bus). The acquired connection then can be used to call methods
on remote objects and emit or receive signals. Using the Export method, you can
arrange D-Bus methods calls to be directly translated to method calls on a Go
Conversion Rules
For outgoing messages, Go types are automatically converted to the
corresponding D-Bus types. The following types are directly encoded as their
respective D-Bus equivalents:
Go type | D-Bus type
byte | BYTE
bool | BOOLEAN
int16 | INT16
uint16 | UINT16
int32 | INT32
uint32 | UINT32
int64 | INT64
uint64 | UINT64
float64 | DOUBLE
string | STRING
ObjectPath | OBJECT_PATH
Signature | SIGNATURE
Variant | VARIANT
UnixFDIndex | UNIX_FD
Slices and arrays encode as ARRAYs of their element type.
Maps encode as DICTs, provided that their key type can be used as a key for
Structs other than Variant and Signature encode as a STRUCT containing their
exported fields. Fields whose tags contain `dbus:"-"` and unexported fields will
be skipped.
Pointers encode as the value they're pointed to.
Trying to encode any other type or a slice, map or struct containing an
unsupported type will result in an InvalidTypeError.
For incoming messages, the inverse of these rules are used, with the exception
of STRUCTs. Incoming STRUCTS are represented as a slice of empty interfaces
containing the struct fields in the correct order. The Store function can be
used to convert such values to Go structs.
Unix FD passing
Handling Unix file descriptors deserves special mention. To use them, you should
first check that they are supported on a connection by calling SupportsUnixFDs.
If it returns true, all method of Connection will translate messages containing
UnixFD's to messages that are accompanied by the given file descriptors with the
UnixFD values being substituted by the correct indices. Similarily, the indices
of incoming messages are automatically resolved. It shouldn't be necessary to use
package dbus