runc exec - execute new process inside the container


runc exec [command options] -- [args...]

Where “” is the name for the instance of the container and “” is the command to be executed in the container.


For example, if the container is configured to run the linux ps command the following will output a list of processes running in the container:

   # runc exec <container-id> ps


--console value specify the pty slave path for use with the container --cwd value current working directory in the container --env value, -e value set environment variables --tty, -t allocate a pseudo-TTY --user value, -u value UID (format: [:]) --process value, -p value path to the process.json --detach, -d detach from the container's process --pid-file value specify the file to write the process id to --process-label value set the asm process label for the process commonly used with selinux --apparmor value set the apparmor profile for the process --no-new-privs set the no new privileges value for the process --cap value, -c value add a capability to the bounding set for the process --no-subreaper disable the use of the subreaper used to reap reparented processes