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// +build linux
package cgroups
type ThrottlingData struct {
// Number of periods with throttling active
Periods uint64 `json:"periods,omitempty"`
// Number of periods when the container hit its throttling limit.
ThrottledPeriods uint64 `json:"throttled_periods,omitempty"`
// Aggregate time the container was throttled for in nanoseconds.
ThrottledTime uint64 `json:"throttled_time,omitempty"`
// CpuUsage denotes the usage of a CPU.
// All CPU stats are aggregate since container inception.
type CpuUsage struct {
// Total CPU time consumed.
// Units: nanoseconds.
TotalUsage uint64 `json:"total_usage,omitempty"`
// Total CPU time consumed per core.
// Units: nanoseconds.
PercpuUsage []uint64 `json:"percpu_usage,omitempty"`
// Time spent by tasks of the cgroup in kernel mode.
// Units: nanoseconds.
UsageInKernelmode uint64 `json:"usage_in_kernelmode"`
// Time spent by tasks of the cgroup in user mode.
// Units: nanoseconds.
UsageInUsermode uint64 `json:"usage_in_usermode"`
type CpuStats struct {
CpuUsage CpuUsage `json:"cpu_usage,omitempty"`
ThrottlingData ThrottlingData `json:"throttling_data,omitempty"`
type MemoryData struct {
Usage uint64 `json:"usage,omitempty"`
MaxUsage uint64 `json:"max_usage,omitempty"`
Failcnt uint64 `json:"failcnt"`
Limit uint64 `json:"limit"`
type MemoryStats struct {
// memory used for cache
Cache uint64 `json:"cache,omitempty"`
// usage of memory
Usage MemoryData `json:"usage,omitempty"`
// usage of memory + swap
SwapUsage MemoryData `json:"swap_usage,omitempty"`
// usage of kernel memory
KernelUsage MemoryData `json:"kernel_usage,omitempty"`
// usage of kernel TCP memory
KernelTCPUsage MemoryData `json:"kernel_tcp_usage,omitempty"`
Stats map[string]uint64 `json:"stats,omitempty"`
type PidsStats struct {
// number of pids in the cgroup
Current uint64 `json:"current,omitempty"`
// active pids hard limit
Limit uint64 `json:"limit,omitempty"`
type BlkioStatEntry struct {
Major uint64 `json:"major,omitempty"`
Minor uint64 `json:"minor,omitempty"`
Op string `json:"op,omitempty"`
Value uint64 `json:"value,omitempty"`
type BlkioStats struct {
// number of bytes tranferred to and from the block device
IoServiceBytesRecursive []BlkioStatEntry `json:"io_service_bytes_recursive,omitempty"`
IoServicedRecursive []BlkioStatEntry `json:"io_serviced_recursive,omitempty"`
IoQueuedRecursive []BlkioStatEntry `json:"io_queue_recursive,omitempty"`
IoServiceTimeRecursive []BlkioStatEntry `json:"io_service_time_recursive,omitempty"`
IoWaitTimeRecursive []BlkioStatEntry `json:"io_wait_time_recursive,omitempty"`
IoMergedRecursive []BlkioStatEntry `json:"io_merged_recursive,omitempty"`
IoTimeRecursive []BlkioStatEntry `json:"io_time_recursive,omitempty"`
SectorsRecursive []BlkioStatEntry `json:"sectors_recursive,omitempty"`
type HugetlbStats struct {
// current res_counter usage for hugetlb
Usage uint64 `json:"usage,omitempty"`
// maximum usage ever recorded.
MaxUsage uint64 `json:"max_usage,omitempty"`
// number of times hugetlb usage allocation failure.
Failcnt uint64 `json:"failcnt"`
type Stats struct {
CpuStats CpuStats `json:"cpu_stats,omitempty"`
MemoryStats MemoryStats `json:"memory_stats,omitempty"`
PidsStats PidsStats `json:"pids_stats,omitempty"`
BlkioStats BlkioStats `json:"blkio_stats,omitempty"`
// the map is in the format "size of hugepage: stats of the hugepage"
HugetlbStats map[string]HugetlbStats `json:"hugetlb_stats,omitempty"`
func NewStats() *Stats {
memoryStats := MemoryStats{Stats: make(map[string]uint64)}
hugetlbStats := make(map[string]HugetlbStats)
return &Stats{MemoryStats: memoryStats, HugetlbStats: hugetlbStats}