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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package system
// This interface wraps the "raw" mojo system entry points. This has no
// dependencies on other types in this package so it can be implemented
// by code that doesn't depend on this package.
type MojoSystem interface {
// Shared buffer
CreateSharedBuffer(flags uint32, numBytes uint64) (result uint32, handle uint32)
DuplicateBufferHandle(handle uint32, flags uint32) (result uint32, dupHandle uint32)
GetBufferInformation(handle uint32) (result uint32, flags uint32, numBytes uint64)
// After a successful MapBuffer call, the caller must pass the same slice value to UnmapBuffer to release
// the underlying memory segment.
MapBuffer(handle uint32, offset, numBytes uint64, flags uint32) (result uint32, buf []byte)
UnmapBuffer(buf []byte) (result uint32)
// Data pipe
CreateDataPipe(flags, elementNumBytes, capacityNumBytes uint32) (result uint32, producerHandle, consumerHandle uint32)
CreateDataPipeWithDefaultOptions() (result uint32, producerHandle, consumerHandle uint32)
WriteData(producerHandle uint32, buf []byte, flags uint32) (result uint32, bytesWritten uint32)
BeginWriteData(producerHandle uint32, flags uint32) (result uint32, buf []byte)
EndWriteData(producerHandle uint32, numBytesWritten uint32) (result uint32)
ReadData(consumerHandle, flags uint32) (result uint32, buf []byte)
BeginReadData(consumerHandle uint32, flags uint32) (result uint32, buf []byte)
EndReadData(consumerHandle uint32, numBytesRead uint32) (result uint32)
// Time
GetTimeTicksNow() (timestamp uint64)
// Close a handle
Close(handle uint32) (result uint32)
// Waiting
Wait(handle uint32, signals uint32, deadline uint64) (result uint32, satisfiedSignals, satisfiableSignals uint32)
WaitMany(handles []uint32, signals []uint32, deadline uint64) (result uint32, index int, satisfiedSignals, satisfiableSignals []uint32)
// Message pipe
CreateMessagePipe(flags uint32) (result uint32, handle0, handle1 uint32)
WriteMessage(handle uint32, bytes []byte, handles []uint32, flags uint32) (result uint32)
ReadMessage(handle uint32, flags uint32) (result uint32, buf []byte, handles []uint32)
var sysImpl MojoSystem