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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module mojo.bindings.types;
import "mojom_types.mojom";
* The structures in this file are intended to be used by the Mojom compiler
* and code generators. The front end of the compiler takes as input a
* .mojom file (or a list of .mojom files) and produces a MojomFileGraph struct.
* The backend of the compiler consumes a MojomFileGraph and invokes each of the
* code generators passing them data derived from the MojomFileGraph.
* A MojomFile represents the data parsed from a single .mojom file. Mojom
* files form a directed acyclic graph via the "imports" relation.
* That is, if file A imports file B then there is a directed edge in the
* graph from A to B. A MojomFileGraph represents the whole Graph.
* The Mojom structures represented here have been fully resolved, meaning that
* the type references have been associated with their corresponding type
* definitions. This resolved type data is contained in the resolved_types data
* in MojomFileGraph.
// A MojomFile represents the data defined by a single .mojom file, when
// all of the type references to types declared in imported .mojom files
// have been resolved.
struct MojomFile {
// |file_name| is (derived from) the file name of the corresponding
// .mojom file. It is the unique identifier for this module within the
// MojomFileGraph
string file_name;
// |specified_file_name| is used to record information about the request that
// triggered the construction of the |MojomFileGraph| of which this
// |MojomFile| is a part. This field is populated by some producers (such
// as the Mojom compiler) but not necessarily all producers of this structure.
// If this field is null it means it is not supported by the producer.
// If this field is non-null but empty it means that this |MojomFile|
// was not explicitly requested but rather is included in the |MojomFileGraph|
// because it is referenced in the |imports| field of another |MojomFile|
// in the graph. If this field is non-empty it means that the corresponding
// .mojom file was explicitly requested, using |specified_file_name|. Note
// that in this case it is still possible that this file is also referenced
// in the |imports| field of another |MojomFile|.
string? specified_file_name;
// The namespace is the identifier declared via the "module" declaration
// in the .mojom file.
string? module_namespace;
// Attributes declared in the Mojom file at the module level.
array<Attribute>? attributes;
// The list of other MojomFiles imported by this one. The elements
// of the array are the |file_name|s and the associated module may
// be retrieved from the MojomFileGraph.
array<string>? imports;
// resolved_types and resolved_values in MojomFileGraph contain
// respectively the types and constants declared in the union of all modules
// in the graph. This KeysByType selects the keys of the types and constants
// defined in this module
KeysByType declared_mojom_objects;
// The bytes encoding a |RuntimeTypeInfo| struct for this Mojom file,
// using Mojo message serialization. Some implementations may not include
// this. This string contains the base64 encoding of the gzip-compressed
// bytes.
string? serialized_runtime_type_info;
// Represents a directed acyclic graph of MojomFiles.
struct MojomFileGraph {
// All the files in this graph. The keys are |file_name|s.
map<string, MojomFile> files;
// All the resolved user-defined types in all the files in the graph. The keys are
// the |type_key|s.
map<string, UserDefinedType> resolved_types;
// All the resolved DeclaredConstants in all the files in the graph. The keys are
// the |constant_key|s.
map<string, DeclaredConstant> resolved_constants;
// A KeysByType struct organizes by type the keys of all types and consants in
// a MojomFile
struct KeysByType {
// The type keys of the types in the MojomFile.
array<string>? interfaces;
array<string>? structs;
array<string>? unions;
array<string>? top_level_enums;
array<string>? embedded_enums;
// The constant keys of the constants in the MojomFile.
array<string>? top_level_constants;
array<string>? embedded_constants;