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//===--- TextDiagnostic.h - Text Diagnostic Pretty-Printing -----*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This is a utility class that provides support for textual pretty-printing of
// diagnostics. It is used to implement the different code paths which require
// such functionality in a consistent way.
#include "clang/Frontend/DiagnosticRenderer.h"
namespace clang {
/// \brief Class to encapsulate the logic for formatting and printing a textual
/// diagnostic message.
/// This class provides an interface for building and emitting a textual
/// diagnostic, including all of the macro backtraces, caret diagnostics, FixIt
/// Hints, and code snippets. In the presence of macros this involves
/// a recursive process, synthesizing notes for each macro expansion.
/// The purpose of this class is to isolate the implementation of printing
/// beautiful text diagnostics from any particular interfaces. The Clang
/// DiagnosticClient is implemented through this class as is diagnostic
/// printing coming out of libclang.
class TextDiagnostic : public DiagnosticRenderer {
raw_ostream &OS;
TextDiagnostic(raw_ostream &OS,
const LangOptions &LangOpts,
DiagnosticOptions *DiagOpts);
~TextDiagnostic() override;
/// \brief Print the diagonstic level to a raw_ostream.
/// This is a static helper that handles colorizing the level and formatting
/// it into an arbitrary output stream. This is used internally by the
/// TextDiagnostic emission code, but it can also be used directly by
/// consumers that don't have a source manager or other state that the full
/// TextDiagnostic logic requires.
static void printDiagnosticLevel(raw_ostream &OS,
DiagnosticsEngine::Level Level,
bool ShowColors,
bool CLFallbackMode = false);
/// \brief Pretty-print a diagnostic message to a raw_ostream.
/// This is a static helper to handle the line wrapping, colorizing, and
/// rendering of a diagnostic message to a particular ostream. It is
/// publicly visible so that clients which do not have sufficient state to
/// build a complete TextDiagnostic object can still get consistent
/// formatting of their diagnostic messages.
/// \param OS Where the message is printed
/// \param IsSupplemental true if this is a continuation note diagnostic
/// \param Message The text actually printed
/// \param CurrentColumn The starting column of the first line, accounting
/// for any prefix.
/// \param Columns The number of columns to use in line-wrapping, 0 disables
/// all line-wrapping.
/// \param ShowColors Enable colorizing of the message.
static void printDiagnosticMessage(raw_ostream &OS, bool IsSupplemental,
StringRef Message, unsigned CurrentColumn,
unsigned Columns, bool ShowColors);
void emitDiagnosticMessage(FullSourceLoc Loc, PresumedLoc PLoc,
DiagnosticsEngine::Level Level, StringRef Message,
ArrayRef<CharSourceRange> Ranges,
DiagOrStoredDiag D) override;
void emitDiagnosticLoc(FullSourceLoc Loc, PresumedLoc PLoc,
DiagnosticsEngine::Level Level,
ArrayRef<CharSourceRange> Ranges) override;
void emitCodeContext(FullSourceLoc Loc, DiagnosticsEngine::Level Level,
SmallVectorImpl<CharSourceRange> &Ranges,
ArrayRef<FixItHint> Hints) override {
emitSnippetAndCaret(Loc, Level, Ranges, Hints);
void emitIncludeLocation(FullSourceLoc Loc, PresumedLoc PLoc) override;
void emitImportLocation(FullSourceLoc Loc, PresumedLoc PLoc,
StringRef ModuleName) override;
void emitBuildingModuleLocation(FullSourceLoc Loc, PresumedLoc PLoc,
StringRef ModuleName) override;
void emitFilename(StringRef Filename, const SourceManager &SM);
void emitSnippetAndCaret(FullSourceLoc Loc, DiagnosticsEngine::Level Level,
SmallVectorImpl<CharSourceRange> &Ranges,
ArrayRef<FixItHint> Hints);
void emitSnippet(StringRef SourceLine);
void emitParseableFixits(ArrayRef<FixItHint> Hints, const SourceManager &SM);
} // end namespace clang