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//===--- SemaFixItUtils.h - Sema FixIts -----------------------------------===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This file defines helper classes for generation of Sema FixItHints.
#include "clang/AST/Expr.h"
namespace clang {
enum OverloadFixItKind {
OFIK_Undefined = 0,
class Sema;
/// The class facilities generation and storage of conversion FixIts. Hints for
/// new conversions are added using TryToFixConversion method. The default type
/// conversion checker can be reset.
struct ConversionFixItGenerator {
/// Performs a simple check to see if From type can be converted to To type.
static bool compareTypesSimple(CanQualType From,
CanQualType To,
Sema &S,
SourceLocation Loc,
ExprValueKind FromVK);
/// The list of Hints generated so far.
std::vector<FixItHint> Hints;
/// The number of Conversions fixed. This can be different from the size
/// of the Hints vector since we allow multiple FixIts per conversion.
unsigned NumConversionsFixed;
/// The type of fix applied. If multiple conversions are fixed, corresponds
/// to the kid of the very first conversion.
OverloadFixItKind Kind;
typedef bool (*TypeComparisonFuncTy) (const CanQualType FromTy,
const CanQualType ToTy,
Sema &S,
SourceLocation Loc,
ExprValueKind FromVK);
/// The type comparison function used to decide if expression FromExpr of
/// type FromTy can be converted to ToTy. For example, one could check if
/// an implicit conversion exists. Returns true if comparison exists.
TypeComparisonFuncTy CompareTypes;
ConversionFixItGenerator(TypeComparisonFuncTy Foo): NumConversionsFixed(0),
CompareTypes(Foo) {}
ConversionFixItGenerator(): NumConversionsFixed(0),
CompareTypes(compareTypesSimple) {}
/// Resets the default conversion checker method.
void setConversionChecker(TypeComparisonFuncTy Foo) {
CompareTypes = Foo;
/// If possible, generates and stores a fix for the given conversion.
bool tryToFixConversion(const Expr *FromExpr,
const QualType FromQTy, const QualType ToQTy,
Sema &S);
void clear() {
NumConversionsFixed = 0;
bool isNull() {
return (NumConversionsFixed == 0);
} // endof namespace clang