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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
// C++ [basic.def.odr]p2:
// An expression is potentially evaluated unless it [...] is the
// operand of the typeid operator and the expression does not
// designate an lvalue of polymorphic class type.
// FIXME: This should really include <typeinfo>, but we don't have that yet.
namespace std {
class type_info;
struct Poly {
virtual ~Poly();
struct NonPoly { };
template<typename T, typename Result = T>
struct X {
Result f(T t) { return t + t; } // expected-error{{invalid operands}}
void g(T t) {
(void)typeid(f(t)); // expected-note{{here}}
void test(X<Poly> xp, X<Poly, Poly&> xpr, X<NonPoly> xnp, X<NonPoly, NonPoly&> xnpr) {
// These are okay (although GCC and EDG get them wrong).
// Triggers an error (as it should);
xpr.g(Poly()); // expected-note{{instantiation of member function}}