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OpenMP Support
Clang fully supports OpenMP 3.1 + some elements of OpenMP 4.5. Clang supports offloading to X86_64, AArch64 and PPC64[LE] devices.
Support for Cuda devices is not ready yet.
The status of major OpenMP 4.5 features support in Clang.
Standalone directives
* #pragma omp [for] simd: :good:`Complete`.
* #pragma omp declare simd: :partial:`Partial`. We support parsing/semantic
analysis + generation of special attributes for X86 target, but still
missing the LLVM pass for vectorization.
* #pragma omp taskloop [simd]: :good:`Complete`.
* #pragma omp target [enter|exit] data: :good:`Complete`.
* #pragma omp target update: :good:`Complete`.
* #pragma omp target: :partial:`Partial`. No support for the `depend` clauses.
* #pragma omp declare target: :partial:`Partial`. No full codegen support.
* #pragma omp teams: :good:`Complete`.
* #pragma omp distribute [simd]: :good:`Complete`.
* #pragma omp distribute parallel for [simd]: :good:`Complete`.
Combined directives
* #pragma omp parallel for simd: :good:`Complete`.
* #pragma omp target parallel: :partial:`Partial`. No support for the `depend` clauses.
* #pragma omp target parallel for [simd]: :partial:`Partial`. No support for the `depend` clauses.
* #pragma omp target simd: :partial:`Partial`. No support for the `depend` clauses.
* #pragma omp target teams: :partial:`Partial`. No support for the `depend` clauses.
* #pragma omp teams distribute [simd]: :good:`Complete`.
* #pragma omp target teams distribute [simd]: :partial:`Partial`. No support for the and `depend` clauses.
* #pragma omp teams distribute parallel for [simd]: :good:`Complete`.
* #pragma omp target teams distribute parallel for [simd]: :partial:`Partial`. No full codegen support.
Clang does not support any constructs/updates from upcoming OpenMP 5.0 except for `reduction`-based clauses in the `task` and `target`-based directives.
In addition, the LLVM OpenMP runtime `libomp` supports the OpenMP Tools Interface (OMPT) on x86, x86_64, AArch64, and PPC64 on Linux, Windows, and mac OS.