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#!/usr/bin/env python
Static Analyzer qualification infrastructure: adding a new project to
the Repository Directory.
Add a new project for testing: build it and add to the Project Map file.
Assumes it's being run from the Repository Directory.
The project directory should be added inside the Repository Directory and
have the same name as the project ID
The project should use the following files for set up:
- - prepare the build environment.
Ex: make clean can be a part of it.
- run_static_analyzer.cmd - a list of commands to run through scan-build.
Each command should be on a separate line.
Choose from: configure, make, xcodebuild
- - download the project into the CachedSource/
directory. For example, download a zip of
the project source from GitHub, unzip it,
and rename the unzipped directory to
'CachedSource'. This script is not called
when 'CachedSource' is already present,
so an alternative is to check the
'CachedSource' directory into the
repository directly.
- CachedSource/ - An optional directory containing the source of the
project being analyzed. If present, will not be called.
- changes_for_analyzer.patch - An optional patch file for any local
(e.g., to adapt to newer version of clang)
that should be applied to CachedSource
before analysis. To construct this patch,
run the the download script to download
the project to CachedSource, copy the
CachedSource to another directory (for
example, PatchedSource) and make any
needed modifications to the the copied
Then run:
diff -ur CachedSource PatchedSource \
> changes_for_analyzer.patch
import SATestBuild
import os
import csv
import sys
def isExistingProject(PMapFile, projectID):
PMapReader = csv.reader(PMapFile)
for I in PMapReader:
if projectID == I[0]:
return True
return False
def addNewProject(ID, BuildMode):
Add a new project for testing: build it and add to the Project Map file.
:param ID: is a short string used to identify a project.
CurDir = os.path.abspath(os.curdir)
Dir = SATestBuild.getProjectDir(ID)
if not os.path.exists(Dir):
print "Error: Project directory is missing: %s" % Dir
# Build the project.
SATestBuild.testProject(ID, BuildMode, IsReferenceBuild=True)
# Add the project ID to the project map.
ProjectMapPath = os.path.join(CurDir, SATestBuild.ProjectMapFile)
if os.path.exists(ProjectMapPath):
FileMode = "r+b"
print "Warning: Creating the Project Map file!!"
FileMode = "w+b"
with open(ProjectMapPath, FileMode) as PMapFile:
if (isExistingProject(PMapFile, ID)):
print >> sys.stdout, 'Warning: Project with ID \'', ID, \
'\' already exists.'
print >> sys.stdout, "Reference output has been regenerated."
PMapWriter = csv.writer(PMapFile)
PMapWriter.writerow((ID, int(BuildMode)))
print "The project map is updated: ", ProjectMapPath
# TODO: Add an option not to build.
# TODO: Set the path to the Repository directory.
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) < 2 or sys.argv[1] in ('-h', '--help'):
print >> sys.stderr, 'Add a new project for testing to the analyzer'\
'\nUsage: ', sys.argv[0],\
'project_ID <mode>\n' \
'mode: 0 for single file project, ' \
'1 for scan_build, ' \
'2 for single file c++11 project'
BuildMode = 1
if (len(sys.argv) >= 3):
BuildMode = int(sys.argv[2])
assert((BuildMode == 0) | (BuildMode == 1) | (BuildMode == 2))
addNewProject(sys.argv[1], BuildMode)