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* Copyright 2017 The Emscripten Authors. All rights reserved.
* Emscripten is available under two separate licenses, the MIT license and the
* University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License. Both these licenses can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include <emscripten/html5.h>
#include <emscripten/key_codes.h>
#include <emscripten.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
static inline const char *emscripten_event_type_to_string(int eventType) {
const char *events[] = { "(invalid)", "(none)", "keypress", "keydown", "keyup", "click", "mousedown", "mouseup", "dblclick", "mousemove", "wheel", "resize",
"scroll", "blur", "focus", "focusin", "focusout", "deviceorientation", "devicemotion", "orientationchange", "fullscreenchange", "pointerlockchange",
"visibilitychange", "touchstart", "touchend", "touchmove", "touchcancel", "gamepadconnected", "gamepaddisconnected", "beforeunload",
"batterychargingchange", "batterylevelchange", "webglcontextlost", "webglcontextrestored", "mouseenter", "mouseleave", "mouseover", "mouseout", "(invalid)" };
if (eventType < 0) eventType = 0;
if (eventType >= sizeof(events)/sizeof(events[0])) eventType = sizeof(events)/sizeof(events[0])-1;
return events[eventType];
int interpret_charcode_for_keyevent(int eventType, const EmscriptenKeyboardEvent *e)
// Only KeyPress events carry a charCode. For KeyDown and KeyUp events, these don't seem to be present yet, until later when the KeyDown
// is transformed to KeyPress. Sometimes it can be useful to already at KeyDown time to know what the charCode of the resulting
// KeyPress will be. The following attempts to do this:
if (eventType == EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_KEYPRESS && e->which) return e->which;
if (e->charCode) return e->charCode;
if (strlen(e->key) == 1) return (int)e->key[0];
if (e->which) return e->which;
return e->keyCode;
int number_of_characters_in_utf8_string(const char *str)
if (!str) return 0;
int num_chars = 0;
if ((*str++ & 0xC0) != 0x80) ++num_chars; // Skip all continuation bytes
return num_chars;
int emscripten_key_event_is_printable_character(const EmscriptenKeyboardEvent *keyEvent)
// Not sure if this is correct, but heuristically looks good. Improvements on corner cases welcome.
return number_of_characters_in_utf8_string(keyEvent->key) == 1;
EM_BOOL key_callback(int eventType, const EmscriptenKeyboardEvent *e, void *userData)
int dom_pk_code = emscripten_compute_dom_pk_code(e->code);
printf("%s, key: \"%s\" (printable: %s), code: \"%s\" = %s (%d), location: %lu,%s%s%s%s repeat: %d, locale: \"%s\", char: \"%s\", charCode: %lu (interpreted: %d), keyCode: %s(%lu), which: %lu\n",
emscripten_event_type_to_string(eventType), e->key, emscripten_key_event_is_printable_character(e) ? "true" : "false", e->code,
emscripten_dom_pk_code_to_string(dom_pk_code), dom_pk_code, e->location,
e->ctrlKey ? " CTRL" : "", e->shiftKey ? " SHIFT" : "", e->altKey ? " ALT" : "", e->metaKey ? " META" : "",
e->repeat, e->locale, e->charValue, e->charCode, interpret_charcode_for_keyevent(eventType, e), emscripten_dom_vk_to_string(e->keyCode), e->keyCode, e->which);
if (eventType == EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_KEYUP) printf("\n"); // Visual cue
// Return true for events we want to suppress default web browser handling for.
// For testing purposes, want to return false here on most KeyDown messages so that they get transformed to KeyPress messages.
return e->keyCode == DOM_VK_BACK_SPACE // Don't navigate away from this test page on backspace.
|| e->keyCode == DOM_VK_TAB // Don't change keyboard focus to different browser UI elements while testing.
|| (e->keyCode >= DOM_VK_F1 && e->keyCode <= DOM_VK_F24) // Don't F5 refresh the test page to reload.
|| e->ctrlKey // Don't trigger e.g. Ctrl-B to open bookmarks
|| e->altKey // Don't trigger any alt-X based shortcuts either (Alt-F4 is not overrideable though)
|| eventType == EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_KEYPRESS || eventType == EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_KEYUP; // Don't perform any default actions on these.
int main()
printf("Press any keys on the keyboard to test the appropriate generated EmscriptenKeyboardEvent structure.\n");
emscripten_set_keydown_callback(EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_TARGET_WINDOW, 0, 1, key_callback);
emscripten_set_keyup_callback(EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_TARGET_WINDOW, 0, 1, key_callback);
emscripten_set_keypress_callback(EMSCRIPTEN_EVENT_TARGET_WINDOW, 0, 1, key_callback);
EM_ASM(Module['noExitRuntime'] = true);