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Flutter Engine

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Flutter is a new way to build high-performance, cross-platform mobile apps. Flutter is optimized for today‘s, and tomorrow’s, mobile devices. We are focused on low-latency input and high frame rates on Android and iOS.

The Flutter Engine is a portable runtime for hosting Flutter applications. It implements Flutter's core libraries, including animation and graphics, file and network I/O, accessibility support, plugin architecture, and a Dart runtime and compile toolchain. Most developers will interact with Flutter via the Flutter Framework, which provides a modern, reactive framework, and a rich set of platform, layout and foundation widgets.

If you are new to Flutter, then you will find more general information on the Flutter project, including tutorials and samples, on our Web site at For specific information about Flutter's APIs, consider our API reference which can be found at the

If you intend to contribute to Flutter, welcome! You are encouraged to start with our contributor guide, which helps onboard new team members.