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2019-04-19 SkClipStack::isRRect succeeds if stack is  an intersection of rects.
2019-04-17 ccpr: Calculate edge coverage in the coverage processor
2019-04-19 Fixed internal skslc error with negated literal vectors
2019-04-19 Adjust vulkan memory allocation block size knobs to better match the type of draws we do.
2019-04-17 reworked SPIR-V binary operations and added support for VectorTimesScalar
2019-04-19 Add explicit GrSurfaceProxy flag to skip explicit resource allocation
2019-04-19 SkQP: new docker test code
2019-04-19 fixed Metal code generation for recursive functions
2019-04-19 Don't batch across domain modes in GrTextureOp
2019-04-19 Convexity checker: Wait for significant x-product when walking edges
2019-04-19 Update compositing benchmark to use image-set API
2019-04-18 ccpr: Indicate path fill type by winding direction of cover triangles
2019-04-19 added error detection for writing to a constant swizzle mask
2019-04-19 [spec] Initial commit for web spec

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