File system notifications for Go

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Go 1.3+ required.

Cross platform: Windows, Linux, BSD and OS X.

inotifyLinux 2.6.27 or later, Android*Supported Build Status
kqueueBSD, OS X, iOS*Supported Build Status
ReadDirectoryChangesWWindowsSupported Build status
FSEventsOS XPlanned
FENSolaris 11Planned
fanotifyLinux 2.6.37+
USN JournalsWindowsMaybe

* Android and iOS are untested.

Please see the documentation for usage. Consult the Wiki for the FAQ and further information.

API stability

Two major versions of fsnotify exist.

fsnotify.v0 is API-compatible with howeyc/fsnotify. Bugfixes may be backported, but I recommend upgrading to v1.

import ""

* Refer to the package as fsnotify (without the .v0 suffix).

fsnotify.v1 provides a new API based on this design document. You can import v1 with:

import ""

Further API changes are planned, but a new major revision will be tagged, so you can depend on the v1 API.

Master may have unreleased changes. Use it to test the very latest code or when contributing, but don't expect it to remain API-compatible:

import ""


Please refer to CONTRIBUTING before opening an issue or pull request.


See example_test.go.

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