global: switch to x/sys/unix

The syscall package is locked since 1.4[1], all new changes are in x/sys[2]
The fixes for epoll/arm64 are going to be loaded to x/sys/unix. This
commit is straightforward search/replace with a couple of hand edits.

This is needed for fixing #130


closes #135
10 files changed
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File system notifications for Go

GoDoc Go Report Card Coverage

fsnotify utilizes rather than syscall from the standard library. Ensure you have the latest version installed by running:

go get -u

Cross platform: Windows, Linux, BSD and OS X.

inotifyLinux 2.6.27 or later, Android*Supported Build Status
kqueueBSD, OS X, iOS*Supported Build Status
ReadDirectoryChangesWWindowsSupported Build status
FSEventsOS XPlanned
FENSolaris 11In Progress
fanotifyLinux 2.6.37+
USN JournalsWindowsMaybe

* Android and iOS are untested.

Please see the documentation for usage. Consult the Wiki for the FAQ and further information.

API stability

fsnotify is a fork of howeyc/fsnotify with a new API as of v1.0. The API is based on this design document.

All releases are tagged based on Semantic Versioning. Further API changes are planned, and will be tagged with a new major revision number.

Go 1.6 supports dependencies located in the vendor/ folder. Unless you are creating a library, it is recommended that you copy fsnotify into vendor/ within your project, and likewise for


Please refer to CONTRIBUTING before opening an issue or pull request.


See example_test.go.

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