README: clarify blobstore deprecation message

Not all of the blobstore package is deprecated: some features (like
uploading) are still supported and do not require direct GCS usage.

Also update the the URL for the storage veneer.

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diff --git a/ b/
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--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -66,6 +66,8 @@
 * `appengine.BackendHostname` and `appengine.BackendInstance` were for the deprecated backends feature.
   Use `appengine.ModuleHostname`and `appengine.ModuleName` instead.
 * Most of `appengine/file` and parts of `appengine/blobstore` are deprecated.
-  Use [Google Cloud Storage]( instead.
+  Use [Google Cloud Storage]( if the
+  feature you require is not present in the new
+  [blobstore package](
 * `appengine/socket` is not required on App Engine flexible environment / Managed VMs.
   Use the standard `net` package instead.