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dep is a dependency management tool for Go. It requires Go 1.9 or newer to compile.

NOTE: Dep was an official experiment to implement a package manager for Go. As of 2020, Dep is deprecated and archived in favor of Go modules, which have had official support since Go 1.11. For more details, see

For guides and reference materials about dep, see the documentation.


You should use an officially released version. Release binaries are available on the releases page.

On MacOS you can install or upgrade to the latest released version with Homebrew:

$ brew install dep
$ brew upgrade dep

On Debian platforms you can install or upgrade to the latest version with apt-get:

$ sudo apt-get install go-dep

On Windows, you can download a tarball from

On other platforms you can use the script:

$ curl | sh

It will install into your $GOPATH/bin directory by default or any other directory you specify using the INSTALL_DIRECTORY environment variable.

If your platform is not supported, you‘ll need to build it manually or let the team know and we’ll consider adding your platform to the release builds.

If you're interested in getting the source code, or hacking on dep, you can install via go get:

go get -u