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CityHash vXXX, DATE
* Minor corrections and improvements to README.
CityHash v1.0.1, April 28, 2011
* Added README, NEWS, and COPYING. The README contains installation and
usage instructions, information on "hash quality," and other goodies.
* Improved how CityHash128() and CityHash128WithSeed() handle very short
input strings.
* Added new functions that are faster on long strings on 64-bit CPUs with
a CRC32 instruction: CityHashCrc128(), CityHashCrc128WithSeed(), and
* Removed our assumption that "*(const uint64*)p" and such is safe. Now we
memcpy() instead. It has no speed penalty and makes our intent explicit
to the compiler.
* Changed #include "city.h" to #include <city.h>, suggested by Robert Escriva.
* Added build system, a modified version of one contributed by Robert Escriva.
* We now use __builtin_expect if the configure script can make it work, rather
than just on gcc.
* Added a test: use "make check" to run it. If you compile CityHash in a way
that causes it to return unexpected results, the test should fail.
* Added untested big-endian support. Please let us know if you try it!
* Other than CityHash128() and CityHash128WithSeed(), the hash functions in
the previous release are unchanged.
CityHash v1, April 11, 2011
* Initial release