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// automatically generated by the FlatBuffers compiler, do not modify
// ignore_for_file: unused_import, unused_field, unused_local_variable
library my_game.example2;
import 'dart:typed_data' show Uint8List;
import 'package:flat_buffers/flat_buffers.dart' as fb;
import './monster_test_my_game_generated.dart' as my_game;
import './monster_test_my_game.example_generated.dart' as my_game_example;
class Monster {
Monster._(this._bc, this._bcOffset);
factory Monster(List<int> bytes) {
fb.BufferContext rootRef = new fb.BufferContext.fromBytes(bytes);
return, 0);
static const fb.Reader<Monster> reader = const _MonsterReader();
final fb.BufferContext _bc;
final int _bcOffset;
String toString() {
return 'Monster{}';
class _MonsterReader extends fb.TableReader<Monster> {
const _MonsterReader();
Monster createObject(fb.BufferContext bc, int offset) =>
new Monster._(bc, offset);
class MonsterObjectBuilder extends fb.ObjectBuilder {
/// Finish building, and store into the [fbBuilder].
int finish(
fb.Builder fbBuilder) {
assert(fbBuilder != null);
return fbBuilder.endTable();
/// Convenience method to serialize to byte list.
Uint8List toBytes([String fileIdentifier]) {
fb.Builder fbBuilder = new fb.Builder();
int offset = finish(fbBuilder);
return fbBuilder.finish(offset, fileIdentifier);