Supported Platforms

GoogleTest requires a codebase and compiler compliant with the C++11 standard or newer.

The GoogleTest code is officially supported on the following platforms. Operating systems or tools not listed below are community-supported. For community-supported platforms, patches that do not complicate the code may be considered.

If you notice any problems on your platform, please file an issue on the GoogleTest GitHub Issue Tracker. Pull requests containing fixes are welcome!

Operating systems

  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows


  • gcc 5.0+
  • clang 5.0+
  • MSVC 2015+

macOS users: Xcode 9.3+ provides clang 5.0+.

Build systems

Bazel is the build system used by the team internally and in tests. CMake is supported on a best-effort basis and by the community.