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  1. gmock-generated-actions.h
  2. gmock-matchers.h
  3. gmock-port.h

Customization Points

The custom directory is an injection point for custom user configurations.

Header gmock-port.h

The following macros can be defined:

Flag related macros:

  • GMOCK_DECLARE_bool_(name)
  • GMOCK_DECLARE_int32_(name)
  • GMOCK_DECLARE_string_(name)
  • GMOCK_DEFINE_bool_(name, default_val, doc)
  • GMOCK_DEFINE_int32_(name, default_val, doc)
  • GMOCK_DEFINE_string_(name, default_val, doc)
  • GMOCK_FLAG_GET(flag_name)
  • GMOCK_FLAG_SET(flag_name, value)