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Nearby Connections Library

This is not an officially supported Google product.

Coathored by:

  • (Java/C++) Varun Kapoor “reznor”
  • (Java) Maria-Ines Carrera “marianines”
  • (Java) Will Harmon “xlythe”
  • (Java/C++/ObjC) Alex Kang “alexanderkang”
  • (Java/C++) Amanda Lee “ahlee”
  • (C++) Tracy Zhou “tracyzhou”
  • (ObjC) Dan Webb “dwebb”
  • (C++) John Kaczor “johngk”
  • (C++/ObjC) Edwin Wu “edwinwu”
  • (C++) Alexey Polyudov “apolyudov”

Status: Implemented in C++

Design reviewers: TODO

Implementation reviewer: TODO

Last Updated: TODO


Nearby Connections is a high level protocol on top of Bluetooth/WiFi that acts as a medium-agnostic socket. Devices are able to advertise, scan, and connect with one another over any shared medium (eg. BT <-> BT). Once connected, the two devices share a list of all supported mediums and attempt to upgrade to the one with the highest bandwidth (eg. BT -> WiFi). The connection is encrypted, reliable, and fully duplex. BYTE, FILE, and STREAM payloads are all supported and will be chunked & transferred internally and recombined on the receiving device. See Nearby Connections Overview for more information.

Checkout, build, test instructions


pre-requisites: git

git clone
cd nearby-connections
git submodule update --init --recursive

this is a “source root” directory of the project


pre-requisites: openssl, cmake, c++ toolchain (c++17-capable)


Running unit tests