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// Copyright 2020 Google LLC
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "core/strategy.h"
#include "platform/base/byte_array.h"
#include "proto/connections_enums.pb.h"
#include "proto/connections_enums.pb.h"
namespace location {
namespace nearby {
namespace connections {
using Medium = ::location::nearby::proto::connections::Medium;
// Generic type: allows definition of a feature T for every Medium.
template <typename T>
struct MediumSelector {
T bluetooth;
T ble;
T web_rtc;
T wifi_lan;
constexpr MediumSelector() = default;
constexpr MediumSelector(const MediumSelector&) = default;
constexpr MediumSelector& operator=(const MediumSelector&) = default;
constexpr bool Any(T value) const {
return bluetooth == value || ble == value || web_rtc == value ||
wifi_lan == value;
constexpr bool All(T value) const {
return bluetooth == value && ble == value && web_rtc == value &&
wifi_lan == value;
constexpr int Count(T value) const {
int count = 0;
if (bluetooth == value) count++;
if (ble == value) count++;
if (wifi_lan == value) count++;
if (web_rtc == value) count++;
return count;
constexpr MediumSelector& SetAll(T value) {
bluetooth = value;
ble = value;
web_rtc = value;
wifi_lan = value;
return *this;
std::vector<Medium> GetMediums(T value) const {
std::vector<Medium> mediums;
// Mediums are sorted in order of decreasing preference.
if (wifi_lan == value) mediums.push_back(Medium::WIFI_LAN);
if (web_rtc == value) mediums.push_back(Medium::WEB_RTC);
if (bluetooth == value) mediums.push_back(Medium::BLUETOOTH);
if (ble == value) mediums.push_back(Medium::BLE);
return mediums;
// Feature On/Off switch for mediums.
using BooleanMediumSelector = MediumSelector<bool>;
// Represents the various power levels that can be used, on mediums that support
// it.
enum class PowerLevel {
kHighPower = 0,
kLowPower = 1,
// Connection Options: used for both Advertising and Discovery.
// All fields are mutable, to make the type copy-assignable.
struct ConnectionOptions {
Strategy strategy;
BooleanMediumSelector allowed{BooleanMediumSelector().SetAll(true)};
bool auto_upgrade_bandwidth;
bool enforce_topology_constraints;
bool low_power;
bool enable_bluetooth_listening;
// Whether this is intended to be used in conjunction with InjectEndpoint().
bool is_out_of_band_connection = false;
ByteArray remote_bluetooth_mac_address;
std::string fast_advertisement_service_uuid;
// Verify if ConnectionOptions is in a not-initialized (Empty) state.
bool Empty() const { return strategy.IsNone(); }
// Bring ConnectionOptions to a not-initialized (Empty) state.
void Clear() { strategy.Clear(); }
// Returns a copy and normalizes allowed mediums:
// (1) If is_out_of_band_connection is true, verifies that there is only one
// medium allowed, defaulting to only Bluetooth if unspecified.
// (2) If no mediums are allowed, allow all mediums.
ConnectionOptions CompatibleOptions() const {
ConnectionOptions result = *this;
// Out-of-band connections initiate connections via an injected endpoint
// rather than through the normal discovery flow. These types of connections
// can only be injected via a single medium.
if (is_out_of_band_connection) {
int num_enabled = result.allowed.Count(true);
// Default to allow only Bluetooth if no single medium is specified.
if (num_enabled != 1) {
result.allowed.bluetooth = true;
return result;
// Normal connections (i.e., not out-of-band) connections can specify
// multiple mediums. If none are specified, default to allowing all mediums.
if (!allowed.Any(true))
return result;
std::vector<Medium> GetMediums() const { return allowed.GetMediums(true); }
// Metadata injected to facilitate out-of-band connections. The medium field is
// required, and the other fields are only specified for a specific medium.
// Currently, Bluetooth is the only supported medium for out-of-band
// connections.
struct OutOfBandConnectionMetadata {
// Medium to use for the out-of-band connection.
Medium medium;
// Endpoint ID to use for the injected connection; will be included in the
// endpoint_found_cb callback. Must be exactly 4 bytes and should be randomly-
// generated such that no two IDs are identical.
std::string endpoint_id;
// Endpoint info to use for the injected connection; will be included in the
// endpoint_found_cb callback. Should uniquely identify the InjectEndpoint()
// call so that the client which made the call can verify the endpoint
// that was found is the one that was injected.
// Cannot be empty, and must be <131 bytes.
ByteArray endpoint_info;
// Used for Bluetooth connections.
ByteArray remote_bluetooth_mac_address;
} // namespace connections
} // namespace nearby
} // namespace location
#endif // CORE_OPTIONS_H_