Wed, 18 Mar 2009 14:28:23 -0700  Google Inc. <>

  * Issue #14: HashedDictionary may free memory twice if implicitly copied.
    * Add private copy constructor and assignment operator for HashedDictionary.
  * Issue #18: Building RPM package fails on Fedora 9: Installed (but
    unpackaged) file vcdiff.1.gz.
    * Some OS, including Fedora 9, automatically compress man pages that are
      installed using /usr/bin/install.  This confuses the RPM packager, which
      expects a file named "vcdiff.1" and finds one named "vcdiff.1.gz" instead.
      Use a wild-card character to accept either of these two alternatives.
  * Change the VCDIFF block size to 16, but have the encoder discard all matches
    smaller than 32 bytes.  This doubles the CPU and memory needed by the
    encoder, but finds better string matches, producing a more efficient
    encoding.  Loosen the timing test limit in for the debug
    build only.
  * Make the code table writer a virtual interface.
  * Add an interface SetTargetMatching() to the simple encoder class
  * Remove all references to LOG and logging.h from the unit tests and
    command-line client.
  * Remove all special cases for kBlockSize < 4.  kBlockSize must be a multiple
    of the machine word size (see, so it will never be smaller
    than 4.
  * Use version 1.10 of Automake.
  * Incorporate recent changes to gflags package
  * Fix Visual Studio type-mismatch warning in
  * Use address cache helper functions IsSameMode(), IsHereMode(), etc. to
    simplify test code.
  * Add contributor's name to THANKS file.
43 files changed