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Mon Jan 4 18:09:30 2010 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 1.3
* PORTABILITY: can now build and run tests under MSVC (csilvers)
* Remove the python gflags code, which is now its own package (tansell)
* Clarify that "last flag wins" in the docs (csilvers)
* Comment danger of using GetAllFlags in validators (wojtekm)
* PORTABILITY: Some fixes necessary for c++0x (mboerger)
* Makefile fix: $(srcdir) -> $(top_srcdir) in one place (csilvres)
* INSTALL: autotools to autoconf v2.64 + automake v1.11 (csilvers)
Thu Sep 10 12:53:04 2009 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 1.2
* PORTABILITY: can now build and run tests under mingw (csilvers)
* Using a string arg for a bool flag is a compile-time error (rbayardo)
* Add --helpxml to (salcianu)
* Protect against a hypothetical global d'tor mutex problem (csilvers)
* BUGFIX: can now define a flag after 'using namespace google' (hamaji)
Tue Apr 14 12:35:25 2009 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 1.1
* Add both foo and nofoo for boolean flags, with --undefok (andychu)
* Better document how validators work (wojtekm)
* Improve binary-detection for bash-completion (mtamsky)
* Python: Add a concept of "key flags", used with --help (salcianu)
* Python: Robustify flag_values (salcianu)
* Python: Add a new DEFINE_bool alias (keir, andrewliu)
* Python: Do module introspection based on module name (dsturtevant)
* Fix autoconf a bit better, especially on windows and solaris (ajenjo)
* BUG FIX: gflags_nothreads was linking against the wrong lib (ajenjo)
* BUG FIX: threads-detection failed on FreeBSD; replace it (ajenjo)
* PORTABILITY: Quiet an internal compiler error with SUSE 10 (csilvers)
* PORTABILITY: Update for more recenty debuilds (csilvers)
* PORTABILITY: #include more headers to satify new gcc's (csilvers)
* INSTALL: Updated to autoconf 2.61 and libtool 1.5.26 (csilvers)
Fri Oct 3 15:16:46 2008 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 1.0
* Add a missing newline to an error string (bcmills)
* (otherwise exactly the same as gflags 1.0rc2)
Thu Sep 18 12:58:05 2008 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 1.0rc2
* Report current flag values in --helpxml (hdn)
* Fix compilation troubles with gcc 4.3.3 (simonb)
* BUG FIX: I was missing a std:: in DECLARE_string (csilvers)
* BUG FIX: Clarify in docs how to specify --bool flags (csilvers)
* BUG FIX: Fix --helpshort for source files not in a subdir (csilvers)
* BUG FIX: Fix python unittest for 64-bit builds (bcmills)
Tue Aug 19 16:15:48 2008
* google-gflags: version 1.0rc1
* Move #include files from google/ to gflags/ (csilvers)
* Small optimizations to reduce binary (library) size (jyrki)
* BUGFIX: forgot a std:: in one of the .h files (csilvers)
* Speed up locking by making sure calls are inlined (ajenjo)
* 64-BIT COMPATIBILITY: Use %PRId64 instead of %lld (csilvers)
* PORTABILITY: fix Makefile to work with Cygwin (ajenjo)
* PORTABILITY: fix code to compile under Visual Studio (ajenjo)
* PORTABILITY: fix code to compile under Solaris 10 with CC (csilvers)
Mon Jul 21 23:01:38 2008 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 0.9
* Add the ability to validate a command-line flag (csilvers)
* Add completion support for commandline flags in bash (daven)
* Add -W compile flags to Makefile, when using gcc (csilvers)
* Allow helpstring to be NULL (cristianoc)
* Improved documentation of classes in the .cc file (csilvers)
* Fix python bug with AppendFlagValues + shortnames (jjtswan)
* Use bool instead of int for boolean flags in (bcmills)
* Simplify the way we declare flags, now more foolproof (csilvers)
* Better error messages when bool flags collide (colohan)
* Only evaluate DEFINE_foo macro args once (csilvers)
Wed Mar 26 15:20:18 2008 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 0.8
* Export DescribeOneFlag() in the API
* Add support for automatic line wrapping at 80 cols for
* Bugfix: do not treat an isolated "-" the same as an isolated "--"
* Update rpm spec to point to Google Code rather than sourceforge (!)
* Improve documentation (including documenting thread-safety)
* Improve #include hygiene
* Improve testing
Thu Oct 18 11:33:20 2007 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 0.7
* Deal even more correctly with libpthread not linked in (csilvers)
* Add STRIP_LOG, an improved DO_NOT_SHOW_COMMANDLINE_HELP (sioffe)
* Be more accurate printing default flag values in --help (dsturtevant)
* Reduce .o file size a bit by using shorter namespace names (jeff)
* Use relative install path, so ' --home' works (csilvers)
* Notice when a boolean flag has a non-boolean default (bnmouli)
* Broaden --helpshort to match and (hendrie)
* Fix "no modules match" message for --helpshort, etc (hendrie)
Wed Aug 15 07:35:51 2007 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 0.6
* Deal correctly with case that libpthread is not linked in (csilvers)
* Update Makefile/tests so we pass "make distcheck" (csilvers)
* Document and test that last assignment to a flag wins (wan)
Tue Jun 12 15:23:42 2007 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 0.5
* Include all m4 macros in the distribution (csilvers)
* Python: Fix broken data_files field in (sidlon)
* Python: better string serliaizing and unparsing (abo, csimmons)
* Fix checks for NaN and inf to work with Mac OS X (csilvers)
Thu Apr 19 15:15:07 2007 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 0.4
* Remove is_default from GetCommandLineFlagInfo (csilvers)
* Portability fixes: includes, strtoll, gcc4.3 errors (csilvers)
* A few doc typo cleanups (csilvers)
Wed Mar 28 12:15:56 2007 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 0.3
* python portability fix: use popen instead of subprocess (csilvers)
* Add is_default to CommandLineFlagInfo (pchien)
* Make docs a bit prettier (csilvers)
* Actually include the python files in the distribution! :-/ (csilvers)
Mon Jan 22 15:33:06 2007 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: version 0.2
* added support for python commandlineflags, as well as c++
* gflags2man, a script to turn flags into a man page (dchristian)
Wed Dec 13 12:37:19 2006 Google Inc. <>
* google-gflags: initial release:
The gflags package contains a library that implements commandline
flags processing. As such it's a replacement for getopt(). It
has increased flexibility, including built-in support for C++
types like string, and the ability to define flags in the source
file in which they're used.