Thu, 09 Apr 2009 09:16:58 -0700  Google Inc. <>

  Release version 0.6 with the following changes:
  * Issue #9: Add option to optimize VCDIFF decoder when VCD_TARGET will not be
              used as source segment.
    Add new interface SetAllowVcdTarget to control whether the VCD_TARGET flag
    may be used.  If this option is set to false and the decoder finds a
    VCD_TARGET flag, it will issue an error and refuse to continue decoding.
  * Issue #19: ERROR: Length of target window (100001916) exceeds limit of
               67108864 bytes
    Remove the limit of INT32_MAX on the value of --max_target_file_size, since
    the new SetAllowVcdTarget feature means that the entire target file will not
    need to be kept in memory.  Separate vcdecoder_test into five test targets,
    one of which is devoted to the new SetAllowVcdTarget feature.  Get rid of
    kMaxBufferSize and kDefaultBufferSize, which were used ambiguously.  A new
    constant kDefaultMaxTargetSize provides the default values for the
    --max_target_file_size and --max_target_window_size options.  The
    --buffersize option, if specified, should control the buffer size used,
    without limits on its value.
  * Issue #21: Fail to test on MinGW 5.1.4
    The wrapper executables produced by libtool failed on MinGW with the error
    "File /bin/sh not found".  Add the option AC_DISABLE_FAST_INSTALL to avoid
    creating wrapper executables.  The option implies an extra link step during
    "make install", but the package is small enough that this does not take
  * Remove the annotated-output feature from the decoder.
  * Automatically detect and work around a Solaris 10 bug which causes the error
    " is not a valid libtool archive".
  * Update with latest changes to gflags package.
  * Fix type-conversion warning in in 32-bit Visual Studio build.
31 files changed