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open-vcdiff has originally been written by Lincoln Smith with
significant code contributions by Chandra Chereddi, Jeff Dean,
Sanjay Ghemawat, Craig Silverstein, and Zhanyong Wan. Special
thanks to Craig Silverstein and Daniel Berlin as tireless
champions of open-source projects.
Many people further contributed to open-vcdiff by reporting
problems, suggesting various improvements or submitting actual
code. Here is a list of these people. Help me keep it complete
and free of errors.
Daniel Berlin
Jon Butler
Wiltse Carpenter
Jagannadh Chukka
Eric Dorland
Eric Flatt
David Glasser
Bijun He
Jacob Hoffman-Andrews
Ashu Jain
Leonidas Kontothanassis
Michael Kleber
Wei-Hsin Lee
Frank Lin
Josh MacDonald
Bryan McQuade
Ken Mixter
Jim Morrison
Alex Raikman
David Rochberg
Jim Roskind
Robin Shostack
Adeodato Simo
Ben Smith
Todd Turnidge
Linus Upson