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// Copyright 2018 Google LLC
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "absl/time/time.h"
#include "quic_trace/quic_trace.pb.h"
#include "tools/render/axis_renderer.h"
#include "tools/render/processed_trace.h"
#include "tools/render/program_state.h"
#include "tools/render/rectangle_renderer.h"
#include "tools/render/sdl_util.h"
#include "tools/render/table.h"
#include "tools/render/text.h"
#include "tools/render/trace_renderer.h"
namespace quic_trace {
namespace render {
// The framerate with respect to which all of the animations are scaled. Equal
// to 60 frames per second.
constexpr absl::Duration kReferenceFrameDuration = absl::Microseconds(16667);
// Top-level code for the trace rendering tool. Handles loading the trace from
// proto, the rendering and event loop, and the input events themselves.
class TraceProgram {
// Loads the trace into the renderer buffer.
void LoadTrace(std::unique_ptr<Trace> trace);
// Handle events and redraw the trace accordingly.
void Loop();
ProgramStateData state_;
ScopedSDL sdl_;
ScopedSdlWindow window_;
OpenGlContext context_;
std::unique_ptr<ProcessedTrace> trace_;
std::unique_ptr<ProgramState> state_buffer_;
std::unique_ptr<TraceRenderer> renderer_;
std::unique_ptr<TextRenderer> text_renderer_;
std::unique_ptr<AxisRenderer> axis_renderer_;
std::unique_ptr<RectangleRenderer> rectangle_renderer_;
bool quit_ = false;
// If true, panning is currently in progress.
bool panning_ = false;
vec2 panning_last_pos_;
bool zooming_ = false;
int zoom_start_x_;
int zoom_start_y_;
bool summary_ = false;
int summary_start_x_;
absl::optional<Table> summary_table_;
bool show_online_help_ = false;
// On OS X, the window has different size for rendering and for mouse input
// purposes. This vector contains the factor we use to translate mouse
// coordinates into the rendering coordinates.
vec2 input_scale_;
// An EWMA-filtered frame duration, used for scaling animations.
absl::Duration frame_duration_ = kReferenceFrameDuration;
// Scales a value with respect to framerate so that if you add |x| to some
// variable every frame, the effect is always same numerically as if the
// program is running at 60 frames per second.
float ScaleAdditiveFactor(float x);
// Same as above, except |k| is being multiplied instead of added.
float ScaleMultiplicativeFactor(float k);
// Zooms in or out, depending on the sign. For example, if |zoom| is +0.98,
// the size of the viewport would be 98% of what it was before, and -0.98
// would perform an inverse transform.
void Zoom(float zoom);
void UpdateWindowSize();
// Handle input and window events.
void PollEvents();
// Handle keyboard inputs.
void PollKeyboard();
// Handle mouse inputs .
void PollMouse();
// Handle panning via mouse.
void HandlePanning(bool pressed, int x, int y);
void HandleZooming(bool pressed, int x, int y);
void HandleSummary(bool pressed, int x);
void HandleMouseover(int x, int y);
// Ensure that the currently rendered part of the trace stays within the
// bounds of the trace.
void EnsureBounds();
// Converts a relative coordinate window vector into an appropriate trace
// coordinate vector.
vec2 WindowToTraceRelative(vec2 vector);
// Converts an absolute coordinate window vector into an appropriate trace
// coordinate vector.
vec2 WindowToTraceCoordinates(vec2 point);
Box WindowToTraceCoordinates(Box box);
Box TraceBounds();
// Shows the current framerate of the program in the corner if --show_fps is
// enabled.
void MaybeShowFramerate();
Table GenerateOnlineHelp();
// Draws all of the tables on the right side of the window.
void DrawRightSideTables();
} // namespace render
} // namespace quic_trace