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"""Build definitions for Ruy that are specific to the open-source build."""
# TODO(b/147376783): VNNI support is incomplete / placeholder.
# Optimization is not finished. In particular the dimensions of the kernel
# blocks can be changed as desired.
# At the moment this does nothing because current toolchains don't support VNNI.
def ruy_copts_avxvnni():
return []
# Used for targets that #include <thread>
def ruy_linkopts_thread_standard_library():
# In open source builds, GCC is a common occurence. It requires "-pthread"
# to use the C++11 <thread> standard library header. This breaks the
# opensource build on Windows and probably some other platforms, so that
# will need to be fixed as needed. Ideally we would like to do this based
# on GCC being the compiler, but that does not seem to be easy to achieve
# with Bazel. Instead we do the following, which is copied from
return select({
"@bazel_tools//src/conditions:windows": [],
"//conditions:default": ["-pthread"],